FAT LOSS GAME PLANA nutrition blueprint for feeling confident in your own skin.

The Bulletproof Ballerina's guide forFat LossPerformance Power& Pleasure

If knowing is half the battle, this program arms you with some heavy duty tools. Reclaim the notion that food is fuel to:

  • Sculpt your AESTHETICS

  • Power your ATHLETICISM

  • Inspire your ARTISTRY

    This is not a meal plan that tells you exactly what and how much to eat. This gives you a map to make educated choices for yourself through the Bulletproof Ballerina's tried-and-true method.

Whether you are a dancer or athlete looking to build your peak performance body...or someone hoping to just feel beautiful & healthy, this nutrition blueprint will help you discover how foods affect your body. 

It's not about getting "skinny." This is about using real food to nourish certain results from your body:


This is your guide to

Heal your relationship with food while nurturing your body into transformation.

Learn how to NOURISH certain results in your body with the food you eat.

Bulletproof Ballerina

What You Get:

  • How to Love Food & Still Get the Body You Want (PDF) to prep your mindset for the journey ahead
  • 38-Page Fuel the Fierceness nutrition blueprint (PDF) with the Bulletproof Ballerina's tips, tricks, and general outline to follow for fat loss, performance power, & pleasure.
  • Multiple picture examples of meals to give a visual of real-life application.
  • Fuel the Fierceness Recipes (PDF) for clean eating & healthy snacks to fuel your dancing and lifestyle.
  • Lifetime access with this one-time payment!

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LIFETIME ACCESS with this one-time payment!
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